04/07/16 - Acquiesce will be headlining the "early show" at Mercury Lounge on Wednesday, May 17th. On stage time is 8pm sharp and the show will be over by 9:15. Get your tickets now!

01/25/2016 - We got together for the first time in the new year last night and knocked the dust off. Unfortunately everyone's got a few things on their plates right now so we won't be doing a show till Spring time. Hang in there!

12/18/2016 - Thank you to everyone that came out to the show last night. We'll see you next year!

12/15/2016 - Looking forward to this Saturday night at Bowery Ballroom opening for The Bogmen. Tickets are still available both online and at the box office.

11/27/2016 - We are very happy to announce that we will be opening up for The Bogmen at Bowery Ballroom on Saturday, December 17th. All ticket info is on our Shows Page. Get your tickets in advance for what is going to be an amazing night!

11/03/2016 - Despite going up against game 7 of the World Series the Mercury Lounge was absolutely packed for our return show last night. That felt amazing! So glad to be back. We will look to get one more show in before years end. Thanks for checking out the new album and coming out to support!

10/24/2016 - The new 5 song EP, "Una Mas" is now available on all major outlets (iTunes, Spotify, etc). Go and get it now! Just 10 days till our big show at Mercury Lounge. See you then!

10/11/2016 - Rehearsals have been a blast for the upcoming Mercury Lounge show… So many songs to choose from both new and old!

09/14/2016 - Acquiesce announces that tickets will go on sale for the early headlining slot at The Mercury Lounge for Wednesday, November 2. Get your tickets now and don't get locked out trying to buy them the day of the show!

08/26/2016 - The final background vocals are sung on the new EP. Mixing to commence shortly!

07/26/2016 - Rehearsals with the new band start in earnest as the boys decide what treats from the back catalog will compliment the new songs that the band has been playing. It couldn't be more fun to have this back up and running. So many songs to choose from...

03/08/2016 - We are very happy to announce that our music will be the soundtrack to the upcoming Locked In The Attic play "One Way To Pluto!" Visit their website for more info and showtimes. It features over a dozen of our tunes!

02/06/2016 - Acquiesce starts recording a five song EP at Hoboken Recorders with Alan Camlet behind the boards who also produced the 2004 Acquiesce record, "Shattered". Sessions will be scattered around the summer when studio time and the band is available.

12/14/2015 - Acquiesce has their first rehearsal since 2012 with new members Neil Nunziata on drums, Devin Hart on Bass, and Andrew Ramsay on keyboards. Five songs that Brett had been working on are brought to the table and the band is up and running again!

09/23/2015 - East River Bandits and Lead Of Foxes play together at Arlene's Grocery. Brett performs "Starting Today" with East River Bandits and Dan performs "Take My Heart" with Lead Of Foxes

11/07/2014 - Dan's country band The East River Bandits released a five song EP titled, "Whiskey & The Women"

07/21/2014 - Brett jumps on stage at the Mercury Lounge to play the Acquiesce hit "Starting Today" with The East River Bandits

04/04/2014 - Brett's side project Lead Of Foxes released their debut album "Lead Of Foxes"

11/19/2013 - Brett and Dan both join Nick Marks on stage at the 11th St. Bar for his song, "Silver Tears"

12/20/2012 - Dan's country band The East River Bandits released their debut album "Down The Road"

05/11/2012 - Thanks again everyone for yet another sold out show at the Mercury Lounge. Time for another break to go and live our lives! See you in a few years.

02/29/2012 - Happy Leap Year Day! We have a big announcement for you. We will be playing at Mercury Lounge on Thursday, May 10th Headlining the Early Show. Advance tickets will be available on the Mercury Website as of March 9th. Check our shows page. Looking forward to it!

01/13/2012 - We hope you are all having a happy and healthy new year. Brett and Dan have both been working on other projects but still jamming when they get a chance. They should have a show announced sometime this spring. Hang in there...

10/19/2012 - Thanks to all of you that once again came down and made our show a huge success. We look forward to hopefully getting something going early in the new year for you. Enjoy the rest of 2011.

10/10/2011 - Its show week ladies and gentlemen. Rehearsals have been going amazing. We have some new jams and have also polished up some super old tracks for those of you that have been with us for the long haul. Can't wait to rock them out. See you this Saturday!

09/17/2011 - Less than a month to go till our show at Mercury Lounge. Make sure to get your tickets early. Check the shows page.

08/15/2011 - Brett and Dan will be performing an Acquiesce acoustic show at The 11th St. Bar on Wednesday, August 24th at 9pm. Come down and hear new songs. We're getting ready to record again and will be trying out the new material.

08/01/2011 - Just announced! We will be back at the Mercury Lounge on Saturday, October 15th at 8:30pm... Advanced tix go on sale this Friday at Noon. Don't wait till the day of show and get shut out again.

07/04/2011 - Hope you are all having a great summer. We have been taking a little bit of a break and working on some new songs. We should have something announced soon for the fall. Hang in there.

06/03/2011 - Thanks to all of you that came down and helped sell out our show at last night! As always, we apologize for those of you that were left outside without tickets... Get them early next time!

05/01/2011 - We just booked an excellent early slot at The Mercury Lounge for Thursday, June 2nd. Mark your calendars and get down there early. We hit the stage at 8pm. Get advance tix on our shows page!

04/20/2011 - Dan and Brett continue having a great month writing new songs. We have a few that we will break out at our next show to give them a run live.

03/17/2011 - Thanks to everyone that came out to Bowery Ballroom. It was a fantastic night. Also, thanks to Booga Sugar for letting Dan and Brett come up and jam with them on the Saw Doctors song "N17".

02/12/2011 Our "Patiently Waiting" CD release party is officially booked for Bowery Ballroom on Saturday, March 12th! Get your tickets now for this amazing night of music. Full sets by ACQUIESCE, Gordon Gano & the Ryan Bros, and Booga Sugar as well as a ton of collaborations throughout the night. Don't miss out!

01/29/2011 Cool review of our new EP... We didn't even send it to them which makes it even cooler! http://www.absolutepowerpop.blogspot.com

01/08/2011 We are very happy to announce that our new 5 song EP, "Patiently Waiting" is now available on the iTunes store! You can also listen to it now on our facebook band page as well. Hard copies will be available soon on our website and we are scheduling a CD release party in the near future. Please pick up a copy for yourself and then spread the word!

12/04/2010 Dan is reprising his role as a member of the Yule Dogs on Saturday, December 10th at Mercury Lounge. All profits go to Kristy's Smile Charity.

11/02/2010 Thanks to the wonderful musicians who backed us at the famous Monday night Seisiun at Cleere's on Parliment St. in Killkenny, Ireland... Acquiesce just rocked your town!

11/01/2010 Thanks to Ronan, Rab, and Fra for making the show happen last night. There is an acoustic take of "Curveball" up on YouTube if you search 'Dan and Brett' 'Slate' 'Cheeky Sunday Social' and 'Cork'. Killer after show show back at Fra's place as well. Probably the better of the two shows!

10/30/2010 Gig tomorrow 9pm at The Slate on Tuckey Street, Cork City, Co. Cork. Ireland.

10/28/2010 We got to play a show tonight at McCarthey's in Castletownbere, Co. Cork. Ireland. It all started with Dan playing "Sweet Child O' Mine" with the locals and ended with us doing all 5 songs from our soon to be released EP!

10/24/2010 Dan and Brett are off to Ireland tonight for 10 days with their guitars ready to play in every pub they show up in... Lots of good songs will be sung and written on the trip. Also, the new album will be mastered and ready to go shortly after the boys are back in town. Get ready folks...

09/03/2010 Acquiesce is in the studio recording new music!

05/18/2010 Dan is playing with Chris Campion and Mike Cranmer at Mug Lounge 9pm. Brett should be showing up somewhere in the middle of the night for a set of new Acquiesce material as well. Come on down.

01/15/10 Its official, Acquisce has booked its first full band show since November 2007! We are happy to announce that we will be joining our good friends Booga Sugar on Saturday, March 13th at Bowery Ballroom as part of the annual Benefit for the Thomas Cloherty Education Fund. We couldn't be more excited to play some of the new songs that Brett and Dan have written as well as some classics. Tickets are available on the shows page

12/03/09 Dan will be performing again this year as a member of the "Yule Dogs". This is a collective group of members of The Bogmen, Knockout Drops, Wormburner, and more that get together each year for a big show of traditional Christmas songs but rocked out in a very unique way. Check them out at the Mercury Lounge on December 12th.

10/08/09 Dan and Brett will be performing 2 acoustic shows this week. First they will be playing at the first annual Rock The Barn Cancer Benefit in Huntington, Long Island on Saturday, October 17th. Also catch them at the 11th St Bar on Tuesday, October 20th - No Cover!

08/05/09 Catch Dan and Brett Acoustic twice this month at the 11th St Bar. They will be performing many of the new songs that have come about this year as well as some of your old favorites. Tuesdays August 11th and 18th. Come on down!

07/25/09 Dan was lucky enough to share the stage last night with Dan Akroyd on the Muddy Waters song, "Got My Mojo Working". He was doing a gig with Booga Sugar at the Stephen Talkhouse when Mr. Akroyd joined the band for an extended harmonica solo and incredible performance. Search for it on YouTube!

04/10/09 Thanks so much to all of you that came down to the 11th St. Bar this past Tuesday. It was an incredible turnout and was great to see everyone singing along to all the old tunes as well as really enjoying and embracing the new music that we have. We look forward to getting back together more often and continue writing more music. Keep your eyes open for more info!

04/01/09 No April Fools Joke! Dan and Brett will be performing on Tuesday, April 7th as Acquiesce for the first time since November 2007. They have been hanging out together and jamming on new song ideas and the timing is right to try and get the Acquiesce train back on the rails. Come down to the 11th St. Bar (off Ave A) and join them in what should be a memorable night no matter how it goes down.

12/05/07 Thanks so much to all of you that came out to our Sold Out show at Mercury Lounge. We as have always appreciated that you have supported us since the very beginning and that is why it is so hard for us to walk away at this time. Unfortunately Acquiesce has decided to take an undetermined break to explore other opportunities in life with the hope to at some point come back to the music that we love so much.

09/22/07 Well the wait is finally over. Our much anticipated full length album, "Creating An Atmosphere Of Luck" is finally available over the internet and will be available on iTunes by the end of the month. You can purchase it by going to the music page or also by going directly to CDBaby at http://cdbaby.com/cd/acquiesce3. In connection with the CD being available we will be headlining the Mercury Lounge on Friday, November 30th at 10pm. Check the Shows page for more info!

07/20/07 It has been an interesting summer for Acquiesce as we get ready to release our full length record this fall. Although we have kept quiet as far as performances this summer we have a few very special things that have been happening that we want you to know about. First off, our video for Starting Today, directed by Chris Cassidy, has been added to Williamsburg TV. You can check out about it at http://www.wburg.tv. The best part of being added to it is that our video has been playing on the video screen outside the Bedford Avenue stop on the L Subway Train every 20 minutes. It is seen by thousands of commuters every day. Thank you for all of the emails from those of you that have already noticed! In connection with this we have been asked to perform in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as part of the upcoming Day Glo Prom, an 80's inspired prom. We are excited about it and due to the circumstances we will most likely bust out a very interesting cover of one of our favorite 80's tunes. Do yourself a favor come check out this awesome new venue, which is extremely easy to get to from the Subway and help us celebrate. Hope to see you there!

04/03/07 April brought the band an excellent opportunity. We have been chosen to be the opening band all month for Arlene's Grocery's World Famous Karaoke Band. For those of you that are not familiar, every Monday night Arlene's Grocery throws a party where you, the audience, get to sign up to sing any of the over 200 songs that the Karaoke Band knows. The place is packed every week and there have been more than a few celebrity sightings as well. The Karaoke Band gets on at 10pm so we will be performing a one hour set starting at 9pm SHARP each week. We hope to see a lot of you down there. It will be a great month and it is definitely the most fun you can have on a Monday night!

03/28/07 It has been a great month for the band as we filmed our first video. The video was shot by Chris Cassidy (http://www.casspix.com) in Colonial Army Park in Brooklyn this past Monday. We are currently editing the video and should have it up on our site soon. The song that we did was Starting Today.

02/25/07 Our next show sees us playing a new venue for us in New York, The Annex. The guys from Interpol along with the owners of the Dark Room started the venue a little over a year ago. We will be the headline band for their weekly Thursday night party, the Stolen Transmission Party. This past year Stolen Transmission won the Paper Magazine People's Choice Award for Best Party. Should be a fun time as always.

01/22/07 We were just announced as the opening act for the Rakes Progress reunion show at Mercury Lounge on Thursday, February 23rd. Tickets for this show are on sale now at the Mercury Lounge's website and also ticketweb.com. We highly suggest that you get your tickets in advance. Also on the bill before us is Mad Larry featuring Billy and Brendan Ryan of the Bogmen. Check out this show for sure!

01/03/07 Happy New Year everyone! It is beginning to look like this is going to be a great one for us. Help us kick off the New Year right and mark your calendar for Wednesday, January 10th as we will be headlining one of our favorite venues, the Mercury Lounge. We hope to see you there!

12/27/06 We would like to thank The Bogmen, Secret Smiles Charity, and everyone that was involved with the fantastic show that ended our 2006. We were lucky enough to open up the last of three sold shows that were put on for the five year anniversary of the Kristys Smile Concert. We had a blast playing the show and met many new friends and fans at the show. It also marked the first time we had played Be Strong in almost five years, which made a lot of fans happy that night. For more on the Secret Smiles Charity visit http://www.secretsmiles.org.

12/12/06 We are very excited to announce that we were invited to perform as part of the special reunion show for The Bogmen at Bowery Ballroom. The show signifies the 5 year reunion of the Secret Smiles Charity show back in 2001 which was also the very first performance by Dan & Brett as Acquiesce. We will be playing on the Saturday show of this three night run. Unfortunately for all you Acquiesce fans, the show is already sold out. Hang in there though because we just added another show in which we will be headlining the Mercury Lounge. Check the shows page for details.

09/17/06 Hey everybody and welcome to fall. A season where everything gets moving again in Manhattan, including after a long summer break - Acquiesce. We are extremely excited to announce that in order to kick off Acquiesce's return to the music scene we are playing a weekly residency every Thursday for the month of October. We have been lucky enough to book a new club called Fontana's in the Lower East Side for October 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th. It is a really nice venue with 3 bars and perfect for a party like this one. Acquiesece will hit the stage every night at 10:30 but also we will be having two different bands that we are fans of open up for us each week. It is going to be one hell of a good time so mark your calendars now and come down and check out what we have been up to. Info on the shows page.

07/25/06 Hello all. There is some good news to report this week. First off, as you may remember, our song All Night was picked to play in the featured spot during the credits in the movie PUSH directed by Dave Rodriguez. The film debuted at the Method Fest in Los Angeles a few months ago to a standing room only audience and won the Audience Award of Best Feature Film. This week the film has its New York debut at the HBO New York International Latino Film Festival. The showings are this Thursday, July 27th at 10:30pm and Friday, July 28th at 12 noon at Florence Gould Hall in NYC. The whole band will be there. For more information do yourself a favor and check out the films website at http://www.myspace.com/pushthemovie and see the trailer which features All Night as the background music! The film features some really big name actors such as Chad Lindberg, Otto Sanchez, Charlotte Ayanna, Paul Ben Victor, Michael Rappaport, and William DePaolo.
Next up, we know that you are all disappointed that we haven't been doing many gigs while we sort things out and finishing our full length record but Acquiesce will be playing our first New York City show since back in April next Thursday, August 3rd opening up for our good friends Booga Sugar, NYC's greatest party/disco band. Come down and rock out but don't be late! The doors open at 8pm and we will be on stage at 9pm sharp as we are the first band. Don't leave early though because it is rumored that some of the Acquiesce guys will be joining Booga Sugar for a few tunes. We hope to see you there.

07/07/06 Hello all! It has been a very long time since we have written to you. We have been hard at work trying to finish what seems like the never ending album. In the meantime we have scheduled two shows this summer to keep ourselves occupied. Both shows will be with our good friends Booga Sugar. Check the shows page for details. Hang in there because this fall we will have a new album, new website, and a new tour coming. Thanks for your patience!

04/10/06 Greetings from Ohio! Hello all, we are out here in Cleveland recording a few more tracks and listening to the mixes at Closer Look Studios. Everything has gone great and we are so excited to get this finished and into everyones hands. It is going to be well worth the wait. We also have good news to go along with our return to New York next week.We will be opening up for Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders on Thursday, April 20th at the Bowery Ballroom. For those of you that dont know, Taylor Hawkins is the drummer for the Foo Fighters as well as many other acts throughout the years. It should be a fun show and a great opportunity to get in front of new fans.

03/28/06 California Acquiesce fans we have some good news for you. Our song, "All Night" has been chosen for the end credits of the film "Push" which will be debuting at the Method Fest in Los Angeles on April 1st. The film is directed by Dave Rodriguez and stars Chad Lindberg, Charlotte Ayanna, Pierce Forsythe, William DePaolo, Otto Sanchez, Paul Ben Victor, Michael Rapaport, and Chazz Palminteri. Check out the trailer at www.myspace.com/pushthemovie On top of that, this Thursday morning Dave Rodriguez and Chad Lindberg will be hosting the Morning Show from 6 to 10am PST on Indie 103.1FM, the biggest Indie station in Los Angeles. They will be promoting the movie, giving us some nice plugs and also playing some tracks off our Threesome EP. For those of you not in LA you can also check out the show over the internet at www.indie1031.com. Feel free to call in and tell everyone how much you love Acquiesce 1-877-900-1031.

03/20/06 Thanks to the many of you that came down to the Bowery Ballroom for the Charity Show. The show was a complete success as all of the bands were fantastic, the show sold out and we raised close to $9,000 for the charity. On top of that, the club informed all the bands after the show that it was the highest bar ring in Bowery Ballroom history. Way to drink up! A special thank you goes out to both Tim Cloherty of Booga Sugar and Brendan Ryan of Mad Larry who each came up and joined Acquiesce for a song.

03/03/06 Our next show sees us returning to the Bowery Ballroom on an all-star bill including Booga Sugar, Knockout Drops, Mad Larry, and Vic Thrill & Saturn Missile. Our good friend Tim from the band Booga Sugar recently had his brother pass away. This show is a benefit concert for The Thomas P Cloherty Family Education Fund, a scholarship fund being set up in his name for his children. Your support is greatly appreciated. Please check the shows page for all of the details.

02/02/06 Happy New Year Everyone! Well we know that it has been another slow start to the year for Acquiesce and it is already February but a lot of it has been out of our hands or hand this time. I guess we've got some explaining to do. December finished up a fantastic 2005 that culminated with a packed house show right in the middle of the NYC transit strike at the legendary CBGB's Christmas party. Everything was pointing for 2006 to start off fantastic for us. Unfortunately though Brett broke his hand only three days later on Christmas night forcing us to cancel our shows for January. Although Brett is healing fine now after his surgery he will not be able to play guitar for quite a while. However, luckily for us we have good friends that can help us out. For those of you that haven't noticed yet, Brian Repka, of Booga Sugar, has been filling in on bass guitar for us when Paul Daly left to rejoin the band FIGO. Now in addition to that, Brett will just be singing and Justin Lizama, of The Last Show, will be joining us on rhythm guitar. So mark your calendars because Acquiesce is moving to a five-man band and the debut will be a headlining show at the Mercury Lounge on Wednesday, February 22nd.

12/07/05 Hello all and Happy Holidays from Acquiesce! We will be playing a special Christmas Week show for you all at the legendary CBGB. Mark down Thursday, December 22nd on your calendar and make sure that you don't miss this one as with the clubs legal problems it could be our last show ever at this amazing venue. It should be a great night as we have a 10pm sharp start time lodged right in between our friends Fixer and Pennyroyals.

11/15/05 We are very sad to announce that Lez Zeppelin has cancelled the show at Bowery Ballroom for next Wednesday. However, we are also very happy that our good friends at Mercury Lounge are setting us up with a gig at the exact same date and time at their venue. So come out, support the band, give thanks for music, and do it all now for half the ticket price.

11/07/05 This should be an awesome night! Acquiesce will be opening up for Lez Zeppelin, an all girl tribute to Led Zeppelin that has gotten incredible reviews, at the Bowery Ballroom on the night before Thanksgiving. Come and give thanks a day early with us on stage at 9pm!

10/25/05 First off, thank you to everyone that came down to the show at Mercury Lounge last Thursday. Another packed show and a ton of additions to our mailing list. We hope you enjoyed the set list as it looks like all but one of the songs we played is going to be on the record... When it is finished. Second, there is an interesting interview with Brett and Dan by rock journalist Adam Williams in the popular online magazine PopMatters.com. Check out the article at: http://www.popmatters.com/music/interviews/acquiesce-051012.shtml

10/12/05 Acquiesce will be performing at a special benefit show this Friday night at the Canal Room here in NYC for the charity Change For Kids. There is more information at their website www.changeforkids.com. If you have some extra loot lying around that you would like to donate to a good cause we would love to see you there.

09/25/05 Hello all! Acquiesce is back in the saddle and ready to rock. Lets start off with a quick update on the record. Although we had hoped to head back to Cleveland to finish up the tracks circumstances have found us finishing up at Dangerous Music here in NYC. Everything is coming along great and we couldn't be more excited. The official answer to the question of when it will be done is when it is finished. Believe us, it will be worth it. However, to keep all of your Acquiesce urges fulfilled we will be taking the stage again. Our first show back we will be at one of our favorite stomping grounds, The Mercury Lounge on Thursday, October 20th. Mark your calendars and get ready to rock. Here is the info.

08/15/05 We are back in NYC again, for a little while at least. All of the basic tracks are finished up although we are still a long way away from being close to a finished product. Everyone in Cleveland has been super cool to us and we have made a ton of great friends out there. We have come back to NYC to play the shows out on Long Island this weekend (check the shows page) and then it is back out to Cleveland. We'll keep you in the loop!

07/22/05 Acquiesce is going to Cleveland! That is right, Mark Owen of Dangerous Music has signed on to produce a full-length album for us. His reputation is tremendous in the industry and he has recently worked on artists records including Ric Ocasek, The Black Crowes, and Sean Lennon. Mark has decided to take us out of the craziness of NYC and make the record at Cleveland's Closer Look Studios. We will initially be there for the next 3 weeks to lay down tracks. We are extremely excited and can't wait to get out there.

07/18/05 We are proud to announce that Acquiesce will once again make a pilgrimage to Long Island for a few summer shows. We will be playing at The Inn of Long Beach on Friday, August 19th and Stephen Talkhouse of Amagansett on Saturday August 20th. These are always fun shows every year. Come out and support.

07/11/05 Special thanks to everyone that came down and gave us another packed show at the Bowery Ballroom. There was incredible energy from the crowd as always! We hope that all of you enjoy the new 3 song sampler, "Threesome" that was given out at the show. The songs were 3 from the sessions at Smoke and Mirrors and were then mixed at Electric Lady Studios by Mark Owen. It is a nice preview of what is to come shortly from us. More on that soon? As for those of you that were not at the show we plan on having the songs up on the site soon. Hang in there.

06/22/05 Hello all. Just a reminder to everyone to get your tickets in advance for our show at Bowery Ballroom two weeks from tonight ? Thursday, July 7th.Our last two shows there sold out. They are available at Ticketweb.com or to avoid ticket charges you can pick them up at the Mercury Lounge Box Office in person. We have a great lineup for the night with Flylow, Marwood, and The Vitamen all coming on before us. You may also see our posters like the one attached to this e-mail all over lower Manhattan promoting the show. Pay special attention if you see them because Paul and Dan were put in jail Monday night while putting them up.Apparently if you get caught with two rolls of tape and a few photocopies you can get arrested for "deteriorating the quality of life in New York". Thanks NYPD! See you at the show.

06/01/05 We are very happy to announce that for our next show we will be returning to the Bowery Ballroom in another headlining spot. Tickets went on sale this morning for our show on THURSDAY, JULY 7th. Our friends FLYLOW from Finland will be the main support act. The other acts will be named soon. This truly is our favorite place to play and our last shows there have sold out so make sure to get your tickets early. Info is on the shows page.

05/25/05 Hello all! We are all hard at work out at Smoke and Mirrors studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn putting together a new recording. No word yet as to if we will release all the tracks at once or spread it out but we are recording 12 songs. We are also not sure how the songs will be released but it seems like there are a few options which is nice. Hang in there and we will let you know as soon as we do!

05/12/05 Thanks to all of our new fans that we met at the Don Hill's show. Continuing with that good vibe we are headed across the Hudson to Hoboken to open up for our old buddies Billionaire Boys Club on their own turf. The show is at a great venue that we will be making our return to call Maxwell's on Saturday, May 21st. Spread the word to all of your friends in Jersey.

04/20/05 We are very happy to announce that we will be doing a short opening set for our good friends Booga Sugar at their CD release party next Friday, April 29th at Don Hill's. If you have never seen them it is worth the trip. Come rock out with Acquiesce at 10 and then dance your ass off with NYC's greatest disco band, Booga Sugar afterwards! Hope to see you there.

04/05/05 Thank you to all of you that came down to our sold out performance at the Mercury Lounge. You truly could not fit another person in the place. See the pictures page for proof! We also apologize to the many of you that came down but could not get into the venue. It is great to be back and great to welcome both Paul Daly on bass guitar and James Kluz on the drums. We will be announcing some good news soon so stay tuned...

03/01/05 Hello everyone! Well after a long break Acquiesce is back and ready to tear it up again. We are happy to announce that our first show back will be headlining the Mercury Lounge on Friday, April 1st. No, this is not an April Fools joke. Make sure to mark your calendar, as we are very excited to show you what we have been up to.

02/23/05 Special thanks to Mark Landgraf for featuring our track "Shattered" on the new Modern Records sampler along with a number of bands that we have played with in the past. Check out more about the CD at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/modernreccomp2

01/18/05 The first big news of 2005 is that last Thursday a review of our new album Shattered was featured on the front page of PopMatters.com. They had some very nice things to say including giving the album an 8 out of 10 rating and saying we were "New York's best kept secret"' Check out the article at http://www.popmatters.com/music/reviews/a/acquiesce-shattered.shtml

01/01/05 We'd like to wish a very Happy New Year to everyone out there that has supported us. 2005 is going to be a very interesting year for Acquiesce. We are currently taking a short break to iron out a few things but look for us to be out there again as soon as possible.

12/15/04 Thanks to our new friends from Finland, Flylow. We had a great time partying with them in their first trip to the US. Hopefully we will be making it over to their continent sometime in the New Year. Merry Christmas everyone!

12/04/04 We have a special mid week showcase to announce for next week. Come out next Wednesday night to support us at Sin-e a new venue that has been making waves in the lower east side. We will be showcasing along with a band called Flylow from Finland that will be making their NYC debut. Info is on the shows page

12/01/04 Hello everyone. We hope you had a great Thanksgiving. For those of you that read Newsday on Thanksgiving day hopefully you saw that we were featured in the Hot Local Band Spotlight. They ran a picture of us and also had this to say. "Their latest EP, Shattered, is a step forward, with crunchy guitars, propulsive rhythms and the occasional lyrical zinger. Acquiesce is still mining the vein of straight-ahead hard rock - honest, uncalculated and refreshingly untouched by trends." -NEWSDAY

11/16/04 To celebrate our coming back to the East Coast we will be playing at CBGB this Friday night, November 19th at Midnight Sharp! Our set is lodged right in between our friends Billionaire Boys Club and ILL Rocket so come out early and stay late. Hope to see you there!

11/12/04 Hey everyone, we are back from the West Coast after a very successfultrip. We would like to thank all of the new people on ourmailing list out there for helping us out and making all three shows a tremendous success. Although many of the people that attended the shows did not know us before, they all left knowing who we were. All of the shows had great turnouts with enthusiastic crowds. Also, each of the venues said that they would love to have us back so look for us to hopefully get out there again in the new year. Very special thanks to our friends in Butane for hooking us up with equipment all week and rocking out at the shows. Check out their site at on our links page to find out more about these awesome SoCal punks.

10/28/04 Thanks to all of you that came down to our sold out Bowery Ballroom show last Friday night. There were over 630 tickets sold and the place was rocking. It was an incredible night that also was the debut of Mark Rinzel from the Neon Thrills on bass guitar for us. We were very sorry to see Alec leave but we wish him the best. Next up for us is our first trip out to the West Coast. We will be out there for almost a week showcasing material from the new album. Please make sure tell everyone you know out there and help us spread the word. We would really appreciate it and would love the support at the shows.

10/24/04 Thanks to all of you that came down to our sold out Bowery Ballroom show last Friday night. There were over 630 tickets sold and the place was rocking. It was an incredible night that also was the debut of Mark Rinzel from the Neon Thrills on bass guitar for us. We were very sorry to see Alec leave but we wish him the best.

10/15/04 Well the day has finally come. The new EP, "Shattered" is officially available online now through our website and CD Baby. Delivery takes about 2 business days. This is the only way to get it right now aside from at one of our CD release parties. Click over to the music page and it will direct you to the site.

10/01/04 We are very excited to announce that Acquiesce will be invading the West Coast for the first time! We have booked an opening slot at the world famous Roxy Theatre on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. We plan on being out there for a week picking up as many shows as we can in the Southern California area. More details will be posted as we get them.

09/13/04 Hello all. The CDs are currently still at the printer but they should be available here through our website in about a week or two. In other great news we have finally nailed down a date for our CD release party. It will be at The Bowery Ballroom on Friday, October 22nd. Check the shows page for more details.

09/07/04 Thanks to everyone that came out to our end of summer blowout shows. We had a fantastic summer this year with us finishing up the new record and playing some great shows. We are very excited for it to be the fall though. Good things are on the horizon.

08/24/04 Well the final drop off at the printer is done. We should have copies of the new EP, "Shattered" within about 3 weeks. As soon as we get them they will be for sale through our website. Keep your eyes peeled for a CD release party sometime in October which will also be our big welcome back to NYC bash.

08/10/04 The artwork for the album is finally done. We are extremely excited with the work that was done by Mike Vorassi. We will have it up on the site as soon as possible. The album should be headed out to the printer in the next couple of days.

08/01/04 Thanks to everyone that came out to the showcase at Mercury Lounge and the show down at The Inn down in Long Beach. Hopefully you all enjoy the sampler CDs that were handed out at each of these shows. Acquiesce will be laying low for the rest of August in preparation for the new EP being released sometime in September. We'll see you then!

07/15/04 We also just added a show in Long Beach, Long Island at The Inn on Friday, July 30th. We have had some excellent shows in the past down there and are very excited to be back. Show time is 10pm.

07/10/04 We will be playing an early showcase on Thursday, July 22nd at the Mercury Lounge. We are playing along with our good friends Wormburner and the Behoovers so stick around and check out all the bands. As with our last show at Bowery Ballroom we will be playing all the new songs from our soon to be released EP, "Shattered", and we will be giving away free sampler CDs. Be sure to get there on time because there are no advance tickets for this show.

06/28/04 Tickets are still available for our show this Thursday at Bowery Ballroom.Donöt get shut out the night of the show. Buy your tickets in advance at Ticketweb.com. Also, that night remember to pick up a FREE two song sampler at the merch table from our upcoming EP. The two songs featured are ųMessing With You÷ and ųShattered÷.

06/25/04 Special thanks to everyone that came out to our show in Baltimore. We had a great turnout and it was actually the most merchandise we have sold in one night outside of NYC. There are going to be a lot of people looking good walking around Baltimore in their Acquiesce t-shirts this week!

06/20/04 Advance tickets are still on sale for our upcoming show at Bowery Ballroom next Thursday night. We would have loved to been able to have our new EPready for this show but unfortunately it doesn(c)öt look like it is going to happen. However to get everyone by with a taste of the new stuff we have decided to press a two song sampler from the new disc and give it out freeto the first 500 people to come up to the merch table that night. The entire disc should be ready shortly afterwards and is definitely worth the wait! Buy your tickets now for what is going to be an incredible night.

06/07/04 We have two gigs at really great venues this month. We are playing the famous Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett on Saturday, June 19th and we are making our first stop in Baltimore on Wednesday, June 23rd at The Funkbox.Spread the word and help us pack these places.

05/22/04 We are extremely excited to announce that our next NYC show is going to be a huge one! We are booked to headline the Bowery Ballroom on Thursday, July 1st. The game plan now is to hopefully have the next record ready to release on that day. All the rest of the details are now being ironed out so we will be announcing them soon. Mark your calendars because this is going to be a huge way to kick off July 4th weekend!

05/20/04 We are hard at work in the studio and the last background vocals were laid today. Mixing is the next step and we are still on track to have everything released in the beginning of July. This thing is going to sound incredible!

05/18/04 Special thanks to everyone that came down to the show or watched the live internet broadcast at CBGB last week. It was an incredible show and we want to thank all the other bands on the bill, especially Billionaire Boys Club.We would like to rock out at CBGB again in the near future so keep your eyes open...

05/11/04 Just a reminder for everyone tickets are still available at Ticketweb.com for our show this Friday night at CBGB. We highly recommend that you buy tickets in advance because it is a killer lineup and although the club is tremendously famous it is not tremendously big!

05/04/04 Hey everyone, Spring is upon us and we are pumped to be getting back in the swing of things. We are currently plugging away at our new EP and moving along nicely. We are psyched to get some new material out there and it is going to be well worth the wait! As for show news, we are very excited to announce that advance tickets are available right now at TicketWeb.com for our upcoming show at CBGB with our good friends Billionaire Boys Club and also the Twenty Twos and Bamboo Kids. The entire show is going to be broadcast live over the internet in real time from the CBGB website. It should be a great night of music in one of the most famous venues in rock history. For those of you that dont want to take a chance on getting shut out of the show advance tickets are available.

04/20/04 Thanks for everyone that came down to our Washington, DC show last week. Our crowd is growing by leaps and bounds down there. Next time we see you we will have a new album to promote!

03/21/04 Acquiesce is currently in the studio laying down basic tracks for our upcoming EP to be released this Spring so next month will be a little slow for shows. However we are very excited though to get back to Washington, DC for our one show of the month. Our apologies to the other Southern cities that we have hit in the past but we couldn't' get something set up in time.

03/17/04 Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Thanks to all of you that came out to our sold out show at the Bowery Ballroom and once again our apologies to those of you that did not get in. We will continue to list how to get advance tickets for all of our shows whenever possible. Special thanks to both Aberdeen City and Tiger Mountain that also played that night. Between the three bands there were 757 tickets sold. We are very excited to get back to do another show there so keep your eyes on the Shows Page.

02/25/04 Hello and welcome to the new and improved acquiesce.com! Do us a favor and check it out. It will constantly be updated and your suggestions are more than welcome. Leave us a note in the Forum. We are less than 10 days away from our big headlining show at the Bowery Ballroom. Ticket sales so far have been strong so we suggest that you visit TicketWeb and purchase your tickets in advance if you havent already. Dont take a chance and possibly miss out by waiting to buy them at the door.

02/04/04 Well, another goal has been set up and knocked down. We are proud to announce that our next show is on Saturday, March 6th at the Bowery Ballroom. Not only are we excited just to play this fantastic venue but we also got the headlining slot! We would like to thank all of you fans that come out to our shows for helping to make this possible. Mark you calendars now because this is going to be an incredible night. Advance tickets are available now at www.ticketweb.com

01/27/04 This has been one of the best weekends in a long time for Acquiesce. Friday night's show at Mercury Lounge went fantastic and once again we played to a packed house. As always, our apologies to those of you that came down and couldn't get in. Those of you that did get in got to check out a set filled with some of our new tunes along with the old favorites. Sunday night was also a great night but under sad conditions. This past Sunday, Dan and Brett played an acoustic set at CBGBs for a tribute show to Melissa Bambino, an Acquiesce fan that passed away in December after losing her battle to skin cancer. Special thanks goes to Melinda Cragen, David Lindland, Leigh Nelson, and the entire Bambino Family for setting up the night. A great time was had by all involved and a tremendous donation was made in Melissa's name. There is more info about Melissa and the charity set up in her name on the message board.

01/08/03 Well it looks like Acquiesce is not going to take the month of January off after all. We know it is short notice but we just got asked yesterday to do a fill in show. Acquiesce once again will be headlining the Mercury Lounge just 15 days from now. So gear up to start the year off right.

12/23/03 We would like to thank all of you on our mailing list for making 2003 such a great year for us. We met a ton of new fans, released a full length album ourselves, toured much of the East Coast, and packed our last show at Mercury Lounge. Those of you that were there got to see a 24 song set that went on for almost an hour and forty-five minutes. We are looking forward to making 2004 an even better year for everyone and there are good things are on the horizon already. Happy holidays to everyone and we will see you next year.

11/26/03 We would like to give a special thanks to everyone that came out to our show last Saturday at Piano's. It was an incredible turnout. Also, we would like to send our apologies to those of you that came down and couldn't get in, and also those of you that were hassled by the bouncers trying to enforce the "No Dancing" Cabaret Law. It is a blessing and a curse to sell out a show.

11/18/03 New York City dont miss out this Friday Night as we have our first show back home in over two months. It is also our first show at Pianos down on the Lower East Side. We will be playing some of the new songs that debuted down south.

11/15/03 Special thanks to everyone that came out to our shows in North Carolina and Washington, D.C. Our apologies to the people in North Carolina that did not get to catch a complete show due to the Chapel Hill Fire Department cutting us short. We will be back in the spring and looking forward to it.

11/05/03 After a fantastic trip up North in October, Acquiesce is bringing their show down South in November. Dont miss out next week as Acquiesce hits Chapel Hill, North Carolina and the always welcoming Washington, DC. Spread the word to your friends down there and help up build the crowd.

10/31/03 Happy Halloween everyone! Thanks to everyone that came to the show up in Boston. It was great seeing a packed house up there. Those of you that were there got to see the debut of 3 new songs. One still doesn't have a name but the other two are 'Regular Girl' and 'Hiding Something'.

10/20/03 New England, this is a lineup you will not want to miss. You have been waiting a while for us to get back up to Boston and this is going to be more than worth the wait. Come join us for an incredible night featuring ourselves along with Circus Clone recording artists Knockout Drops and Vic Thrill. Spread the word to all your friends in beantown and lets make sure this place is packed!

10/03/03 We apologize to everyone in Philadelphia but unfortunately we have had to cancel our show there for next Friday night. We will try to return in the near future. However, mark your calendar because we are still playing one tremendous show next weekend. Dont miss out Saturday night as we play the famous Maxwells in Hoboken along with our friends the Knockout Drops. This is the last NY area appearance until late November so hop over the river and come check it out.

09/22/03 This past Saturday's show in DC was fantastic. We really have what is becoming an incredible following down there and we can't thank you enough. We will be back there in mid November at the same venue, more details to come soon. We are playing one of our all time favorite venues, The Mercury Lounge, here in NYC this Thursday night at 8:30pm. Don't be late because this place always runs on time!

09/18/03 Last nights radio show at the Downtown went great. We played 7 songs (Many Kinds of People, Face Again, Light In Your Eyes, Come Undone, On Your Own, Starting Today, and Downtown). The performance was recorded both Audio and Visual. Starting tomorrow night it is possible that any of those songs can be played on 102.3 WBABs Homegrown show every night at 11pm and for those of you on Long Island you can see us on their Downtown Vibe TV show on Local Cable Sunday nights. More info on the radio and TV shows can be found at http://www.thedowntown.com/homegrown.htm The DJ for the WBAB Homegrown Radio show is Fingers and he can be e-mailed for requests at Fingers@cox.com or through http://wbab.com. A special shout out goes to Katie and D.K. for rocking out at the show.

09/15/03 This Saturday night, September 20th we are headlining at the Grog and Tankard in the Georgetown area of Washington D.C. This is the show that you fans down there have been asking for. We are hoping to turn it into a monthly residency so spread the word and lets pack the place.

09/12/03 As we already told you, last Tuesday we snuck out to The Downtown in Farmingdale, LI to play two songs at their open mic night. From those two songs we landed ourselves a spot on 102.3 WBAB Radio Homegrown Live next Wednesday, September 17th. Here is how it works. Each band gets a half hour set. Ours is from 9:40 till 10:10pm. The sets get taped and then the best tracks are played on 102.3?s WBAB Homegrown Live show on that Friday night from 11pm till 12pm. From there people can call in or e-mail the shows host and request to hear more Acquiesce.

09/03/03 Well another summer has come to an end. It is definitely our favorite season to be playing shows. Our two shows last week went great. First, we had a good turnout at Don Hills for the BeavHer Party considering the holiday weekend. We will be back there sometime in the fall. Second, the closing show at the Surf Club was crazy as always even though we almost lost someone to the draft(?).

08/25/03 Big News! This Tuesday we snuck out to The Downtown in Farmingdale, LI to play two songs at their open mic night. From those two songs we landed ourselves a spot on WBAB Radio's Homegrown Live on Wed, September 17th. We will be getting you more information as soon as we have it but they will definitely be adding our songs to their Homegrown playlist next week.

08/18/03 Well after a very interesting week with the power going out in NYC we are getting back to normal here. Check the shows page for a few new updated shows including one that we are very excited about. We are back at the BeavHer Party at Don Hill's the Thursday before Labor Day weekend and this time we are the headliners. We will be doing a one hour set starting at 9:30 sharp and our friends Hastings-Deerin and Wormburner will be opening up for us. Don't miss out on it.

08/11/03 Thanks to everyone that came down to the show on Saturday night at the Talkhouse. We feel it may have been our strongest show to date. The incredible venue combined with an extremely enthusiastic crowd made for a very special evening. A shout out goes to all of the Conners folks that made the night a wild one.

08/05/03 Acquiesce has two shows this week. On Wednesday night we make our return to Philly with a show at the Grape Street Pub. We had a nice turnout last time and are looking forward to building on that. This Saturday night we are playing the Stephen Talkhouse on what is guaranteed to be a crazy night.

07/27/03 Get ready, this Thursday, July 31st, Acquiesce is headlining the Launch Party for our friends at Modern Records first Compilation CD, "Volume 1". The CD features the Acquiesce song "Light In Your Eyes" along with tracks from Vic Thrill, The Pacific, Billionaire Boys Club, and the now defunct Bogmen. The entire night has a great lineup so get there early and don't miss out.

07/22/03 After a brief hiatus we are back. This Friday night we will be down in Long Beach, Long Island for a 10:30 set time at The Inn. We had a great turnout last time there and summer is now in full swing down in Long Beach so it should be a great night.

07/09/03 For those of you in New England, we are making our return to the Skybar in Somerville, Massachusetts this Friday night for a headlining set. We hit the stage at 11pm. Help spread the word.

07/01/03 Hello to the many new people on our mailing list from last weeks shows in Philly, D.C., and the blowout at Stephen Talkhouse. Come down and join us this Thursday night, July 3rd, as we will be kicking off the holiday weekend at the Surf Club in Westhampton. Our friends Neon Thrills start the show off at 10pm.

06/19/03 Hey everyone, next week is a big week for us and we would appreciate you helping to spread the word. We start off on Wednesday in Philadelphia with our friends from Modern Records promoting a show with us and the Asher Kahn Band at the Abilene on South Street. Thursday it is off to Washington D.C. for an early show at 8pm at the Velvet Lounge. We round up our trip at the famous Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, Long Island next Saturday Night.

06/12/03 We are playing at the BeavHer Party at Don Hill?s this Thursday, June 12th. We hit the stage at 8:30 but come down early and check out our friends Hastings-Deerin before us. Also we have updated our upcoming shows page on our site so go check it out. We still have shows in Philly, Washington DC, and Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett before the end of the month.

5/26/03 Thanks everyone for making May such a great month for us. In playing in NYC, Long Beach, Hoboken, Washington DC, and culminating with yesterday's incredible packed show out at the Surf Club we sold a good amount of CDs and had a blast at every show. To thank all of you that came down and check this site often we are playing a 'surprise show' on Wednesday, May 28th in the West Village. Check the Message Board for details...

04/17/03 Acquiesce CD on Top Sellers List at CD Baby! Thank you to all of you that have bought our latest CD so far. We are currently ranked #11 on the National Top Sellers List for CD Baby. For those of you that haven't yet picked it up what better time than now? In other news, we have updated our shows page with some dates in May. Check it out and we hope to see you there.

04/08/03 The time has finally come. Acquiesce's new full-length album which was produced by Robbie Adams and recorded at the Vic Thrill Salon in Williamsburg is finally available online at CD Baby. We would like to thank everyone that had a part in making this album come together...especially you guys, our fans. For those of you that have never dealt with CDbaby before, through their secure credit card site they will mail all orders out within 24 hours to anywhere in the world. If you haven't already picked the CD up at a show buy yours now!

03/21/03 Well it looks like the wait is finally over and we were able to keep our promise of releasing the CD in March after all. Come join us on Wednesday, March 26th down at TAVARU (3rd Ave b/w 17th and 18th St) for our official CD Release/Listening Party. For those of you that can't make it down for the party, in addition to being for sale at all shows after the 26th, starting the first week of April the disc will also be available to anyone in the world with a credit card through our website and www.cdbaby.com.

03/05/03 Congratulations to all of you Acquiesce fans out there that came to the show at the Mercury Lounge in February. We just found out that you helped shatter the bar register record at the Mercury Lounge. NICE WORK! We'll be back there in April.

02/27/03 Acquiesce is playing an early show next Saturday night here in New York City at the Arlene Grocery. For those of you that aren't familiar with this venue there are three things you need to know: it is smaller than the other venues we have recently played, there are no advance ticket sales, and the show always goes on right on time. Make sure you get there early so you don't miss it!

02/11/03 Well it is a blessing and a curse to sell out a show. We send thanks to all of you that came down to our sold out show on Saturday night at the Mercury Lounge but also our apologies to the many of you that waited outside in the cold and wound up not getting in. We also would like to thank the Knockout Drops. It was an honor and a pleasure to share the stage with them. Look for us to be back at the Mercury Lounge in early April. In the meantime, we have a few new dates up on our shows page. Check them out.

02/04/03 It has been brought to our attention that advance tickets will not be available for the show this Saturday night at Mercury Lounge. We apologize for the inconvenience. Our best advice to not get shut out from the show it to get there early because it most likely will sell out. On the Mercury webpage it says that doors will open at 7pm and we are scheduled to hit the stage at 10pm. Also, in anticipation of the forthcoming full length album we have put the first song, titled "Starting Today" up on our website on the Music page. Go and give it a listen. We are eager to hear what you have to say. The album is still on track for a mid-March release so be patient. It will be worth the wait.

01/15/03 Happy New Year. Well it is official now. www.acquiesce.com is now up and running. Many thanks go to Eric Antanitus for designing the site. Everyone change your favorites list. As for news on the CD, we have finished mixing and are waiting for the final master CD to come back. Once that is done we just need to finish the artwork and get the copies made. We are still on track for a mid March release so hang in there. Finally we are glad to announce that our next show is Saturday, February 8th at the Mercury Lounge opening up for our friends the Knockout Drops. Mercury Lounge is a fantastic venue. You will not want to miss this one. Check out the shows page for full details.

12/13/02 Thanks to everyone that came to our Halloween show and all of our new friends on the mailing list from the two shows down in North Carolina. As always, we had a blast down South. There are new pictures up on our website in the 'past shows' page from all three shows if you haven't checked them out yet. Next, huge news as far as the much anticipated new CD. We have been out in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the Vic Thrill Salon for the past few weeks recording a full-length 12-song album. Robbie Adams, who has worked with U2, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Bogmen among others, is producing the album. Right now we are about half way done with the mixing phase. We expect to be finished with the entire package and ready for release in March so plan on a tremendous launch party around then. New Years Eve - Acquiesce has been invited to play at the Ronin Partners' New Years Eve Bash. It is being held here in New York City at the Landmark On The Park. There will be 2 live bands as well as a DJ spinning tunes all night. Check out the shows page for all the details.

10/13/02 Acquiesce's first show back since summer is Halloween Night - Thursday, October 31st. Start off at the world famous Greenwich Village Halloween Parade at sunset and then head strait to the Elbow Room as Acquiesce goes on exactly at 10pm for an hour and a half set. Don't be late. There is an enormous costume party at the club that night (although you don't need a costume) in what they claim is their best night of the year - right in the middle of the CMJ festival. Also for those of you down South, get ready for us. We booked two shows down in Carolina. Sorry Washington DC, it looks like you will have to wait a little longer...

08/20/02 Summer is coming to an end and we are going out with a bang. Come check us out at one of the shows listed on the tour page ending with Labor Day weekend. We will be laying low for the month of September but we promise our first show back will be well worth the wait.

08/07/02 First off, thank you to all of our new friends on the mailing list in Washington DC. We had a tremendous turnout and a fantastic time down there. We are aiming to come back down in late October or early November so keep your eyes peeled... New York City - We are headlining The Elbow Room in Greenwich Village this Saturday night, August 10th. The show always starts on time at this venue so be there by 11 o'clock. Last time we played here there were a lot of angry people that only caught the end of our set...

07/31/02 Washington D.C. - change in plans for Saturday night. We will now be headlining the night at Metro Cafˇ! The new game plan is doors open at 10pm with Jesenk opening the show. We will follow them with a long set starting at ~11pm. Everyone spread the word...

07/25/02 Washington D.C. - we are coming back! We will be at The Metro Cafˇ next Saturday night, August 3rd at 10pm. We had a great turnout (and a great time) on our last trip down there and are looking for an even better one this time around. Everyone spread the word...

07/10/02 We are making our way back to New York City on July 20th for a Saturday night headlining show at Lion's Den. Our friends HATCH are also on the bill right before us so come on down and catch the two bands in what should be a great night.

07/02/02 Thanks to all of you that came down to the Elbow Room. The place was so packed that they called us the next day to ask us to headline a Saturday night as soon as we possibly could. Look for us to be back there in the near future. As for new news, we had such a blast playing on Memorial Day weekend out in the Hamptons that we decided to head back out for 4th of July weekend. There is one problem, due to noise ordinances we have to be off stage at midnight. Show up at 10pm unless you want to miss the show. Consider that your warning. Details are on the shows page. Also, special thanks goes out to Matt Desmarais and Eric Antanitus. Matt has completely redone our website and recently added a 'sounds' page for us. Eric came down and took a bunch of photos for us at the last shows some of which are up on the site.

06/04/02 We are back in NYC next week for a Thursday night show at the Elbow Room at a reasonable time. Mark it down on your calendar and come check us out...

05/22/02 Thanks to everyone that made it down to the Lion's Den last week. A special thanks goes to Dick Needle who took a break in his busy schedule to make it in all the way from Las Vegas. We will be back at the Lion's Den sometime in July for a showcase night. More on that later... On another note, if you are heading out to the Hamptons for Memorial Day Weekend, catch us this Sunday night. Info is on the shows page.

05/07/02 We are happy to announce that our next show is a Friday night headlining show at Lion's Den in NYC. Don't worry, they promised us they would have more bartenders working this time after what happened back in March. We will be playing an extended set so this is a show you will not want to miss. Get there early and be ready to go. Also, there is a review of a show in the most recent Good Times Magazine. Check it out at www.goodtimesmag.com in the L.I. Sounds section.

04/15/02 Well, we all made it back to New York from our first tour in one piece. We would like to thank everyone that helped us along the way and all of our new friends on the mailing list in Washington D.C. and North Carolina. We look forward to coming back down to see you. A special thanks goes to `Chavez'. We wouldn't have been able to make the whole trip without his help. A few brief highlights from the trip: Washington DC - going into the show the owner of the club told us, `no unsigned band from New York has ever brought more than 30 people in the door.' Not the case anymore. The place was absolutely packed and had sold out of Bud & Bud Lite by the time we hit the stage. By the time our set was done at 11:30 they were out of every kind of beer they sold and had only hard liquor drinks left. North Carolina - we played two packed shows over 3 days in Chapel Hill. All money from the shows went to the Ryan Kohart Memorial Scholarship Fund. We met countless numbers of great new fans and although we do not have all of the checks for the grand total yet we estimate we rose somewhere between $5,000 and $8,000 for the Scholarship Fund. Thanks to everyone for helping a good cause. As for going forward, we have lots of good news. First of all we have our first piece of press. There will be a review of our show from the Lion's Den back in March in the issue of Good Times Magazine that hits the stands tomorrow. Also look for it online at www.goodtimesmag.com in the next week or so in the Performances section. We will post it on our site once we get it. Finally, we have 2 shows in April in New York City. They are listed on the shows page. We hope to see you there.

04/02/02 Come on down to the Lion's Den in Greenwich Village for our headlining show on Wednesday at 10pm and see us off for our first southern tour. Also, our website is currently being updated and we should have new pictures, Mp3 files, and more up in the next week or so. All info is on the shows page.

03/07/02 Next show is a big one. Come on down and kick off St. Patrick's Day Weekend right at Arlene Grocery. Spread the word...

02/02/02 Thanks to everyone that made it out to the show at Minnesotas in Long Beach and a special thanks to those of you that picked up our new E.P., "...If You Say So" at the show. We hope you all enjoy it. As for new news, we have two dates in Manhattan in February. Check the shows page.

01/15/02 Hello everyone and Happy New Year. First of all, we would like to announce that our debut E.P., "...If You Say So" is finished and we have received our first pressing of the CDs. We holed up in the Vic Thrill Salon in Willamsburg, Brooklyn in November and with the help of Robbie Adams and Billy Campion we recorded 5 songs. We are very happy with it and hopefully you will all enjoy. The CDs will be available at all of our shows. This brings us to our first show with the full lineup. Don't miss it!
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